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  Cadmover® 5.5 Windows

In a fraction of the time it takes to redraw graphics and without the expense of scanning, Cadmover's vector translators bridge the communication gap between hardware, software and your graphic environment. Cadmover produces editable object oriented graphics with a high degree of accuracy. It's adept editing features allow you to filter and enhance imported graphics with no loss of information, resolution or momentum. Tricky and incompatible file formats are handled automatically.

Say Goodbye to Compatibility Problems
All it takes is couple of clicks to import and export 2D and 3D file formats within mixed computing environments. Cadmover tackles these applications and standard industry formats and lets you share your graphics with the rest of the world.

Cadmover Gets Your Job Done
Cadmover is used by people who need to get the job done. We help people create buildings, boxes, golf courses, statues, tunnels, cartoons, television logos, prosthetics, video games, technical manuals, advertising, movie magic and more. Just about any job that starts with a computer design can be pushed along the road to completion with a little help from Kandu.

Features / Options

  • Access older drawings with Cadmover's version-rich DXF, IGES, Adobe Illustrator or DWG.
  • You can examine the smallest details of files you read into Cadmover with the "Pan & Zoom" feature. Simply drag a rectangle around any part of a drawing to zoom in on that area.
  • Rotate 3D models to get the view you want, then export to a 2D format for import into DTP or a Drawing program.
  • Scale to the exact size that you need or use a scale factor for that perfect layout.
  • Choose Join and Cap styles, control line weight scale or convert circular arcs to a specific tolerance.
Input Formats
Adobe Illustrator v.1.1 - 9*
Architrion II
DWG v.9 - 2000
DXF v.2.5 - 2000
IGES v.5.1
MiniCAD v.5.1 (Text)
STL (Stereolithography)
WaveFront (.OBJ)
Output Formats
Adobe Illustrator v.1.1 - 9*
DWG v.9 - 2000
DXF v.2.5 - 2000
IGES v.5.1
MiniCAD v.5.1 (Text)
STL (Stereolithography)
WaveFront (.OBJ)

* Requires saving as version 8 in Illustrator v.9 & up.
** EPSF Input from: Adobe Illustrator v.1.1 to 9, AutoCAD (v.11 - 14), GPLOT, Harvard Graphics, ICIS, Mecca, Mentor Graphics, Mitre, Pro Engineer (vector), Schema

Engineering & Design

  • Cadmover speeds design time through easy import of symbol libraries and templates from a variety of sources.
  • Robust translation means Cadmover can translate any size file no matter how large the project.
  • Access older drawings with Cadmover's version-rich DXF, IGES, Adobe Illustrator or DWG.
  • Coordinate design efforts from conception through manufacturing and marketing with Cadmover's smooth transfers.

Desktop Publishing

  • Convert drawings directly into EPS for use with today's popular publishing and layout programs.
  • Choose Join and Cap styles, control line weight scale or convert circular arcs to a specific tolerance.
  • Capture details which can be lost when scanning large technical drawings.
  • Exact scaling allows complete control when faced with a layout challenge.
  • 3D models can be rotated and a 2D snapshot taken for use with your DTP program.
  • Increase your customer reach with the increased import flexibility that Cadmover gives.


  • 2D / 3D CAD drawings can be accurately translated to and from DDES2, CFF2, DWG, DXF, IGES and STL.
  • Bidirectional abilities allow for instant revision of specifications; even during the manufacturing process, saving you time, money and materials.
  • Increase your company's customer base by the import flexibility that Cadmover gives.

Customer Comments
"Cadmover just paid for itself on its first use."
    Dwight Lanpher, Lanpher Associates, Inc.

"Cadmover is simply an elegant program. It gets the job done."
    Tony Hunter

"Cadmover... is permitting us to gain benefits beyond the expectations of the individual systems."
    Craig Danyi, Plasti-Line Inc.

"...Your software performed flawlessly and provided Lex and Digital Equipment Corporation the final missing piece..."
    Jim Kashner, Lex Computer Systems

"Cadmover Rocks! It has helped us build a true 'Geometry Pipeline' for our game. We could not live without it."
    Alan Lasky, Black Ops Entertainment, Art Dept.

Exceptional Support and Service
With Cadmover, you get more than today's leading graphics translation software, you also get top-notch support and service. Kandu's technical support staff understands the needs and complexities of computer aided design. That's precisely why all you have to do to get immediate answers to your questions is pick up the phone. Cadmover comes with free Technical Support for 60 days to all registered users. We'll work with you to smooth pathways to new environments.

Cadmover Specifications

  • Translates any file size you can fit on your hard disk
  • Features 16 digit accuracy for all calculations
  • Supports full color for all translations, even on Computers without color hardware
  • Line terminator option can be used to allow easy transfer of translated files to other Operating Systems
  • Comes with 60 days free Technical Support and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (At participating locations)

Cadmover System Requirements

  • 32 bit Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • CD/DVD Drive

Part # Description Retail Cost

4000 Cadmover® 5.5 Windows $329.00


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