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Kandu Software Corp would like to have as many links to our site as possible (of course), if you would like to make a link to our web pages from your site, there is no need to download any images, just click the image you would like to have on your site (below), and copy the HTML code that is displayed to your HTML page(s) to show the image. This way whenever we change an image you will automatically be connected to the new image vs. having the older ones.

We do ask that you let us know where you will be displaying our images so that we can inform you of any changes.

524 x 56 Banner (Animated)
524 x 56

Copy this HTML code to your HTML page(s) to show this image:

<A HREF="http://www.kandusoftware.com"> <IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.kandusoftware.com/Images/KSCANIM.GIF" ALT="Kandu Software Corp."></A>

Let us know the page URL on your site where you intend to display our image(s) so that we may inform you of any changes:


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