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8/1/15 - Bezarc 4.0 for Windows Windows 10 Compatibility Confirmed
It's still the same Bezarc 4.0 - we saw this one coming. You can continue to use the Bezarc 4.0 you already have with no changes necessary. Bezarc runs just fine in Windows 10.

11/01/14 - Bezarc 4.0 for Windows 7/8 Released!
Better than ever! Bezarc 4.0 offers an improved level of curve conversion (Hard to believe, we know!), improved support for recent releases of the Illustrator format, and a variety of user interface improvements!

5/3/04 - Bezarc Version 3.0 Release for Mac OS X!
Kandu is proud to announce the 3.0 upgrade of Bezarc program for the Macintosh. Combining new features and tools along with Mac OS X compatibility this new Bezarc is the most powerful ever! Bezarc has been well received by many manufacturing and design companies as an essential item in their production process. We listened to you. Customer requests have assisted in creating this upgrade filled with new features and enhancements that were made to order for your environment.

Bezarc 3.0 has all of these new features:

  • Mac OS X Support
  • Save your files in Bezarc's own file format (.BZC)
  • Import Adobe Illustrator versions up to CS6
  • Import Corel Draw's CMX files
  • Export into CFF2
  • Define Subfigures and perform "Step & Repeat"
  • View and change direction of paths
  • Convert short-straight line segments into smooth curves
  • Path Cleanup tool
  • Decurve tool
  • Select and delete unwanted objects
  • Map Layer Names to Line Styles
  • Optionally preserve Layer Names

11/20/03 - Kandu Has Relocated!
That's right! Kandu has packed up and moved to sunny Port Orange, Florida! We will continue to bring you the same high quality graphics conversion software that you have come to know. Please make a note of our new mailing address and phone number:

Kandu Software Corp.
P.O. Box 290363
Port Orange, FL 32129

Tel: 386.334.1760

Fax: It's the 21st century. Email us.

7/11/02 - BEZARC Version 3.1 Release for Windows Platform!

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