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  Bezarc® 3.0 Windows


Bezarc® is a Graphic Translator that converts files from Adobe Illustrator into smooth circular arcs and saves files in DXF, DDES2/IT8.6 or CFF2 format.

The Diecutting, Diemaking industry will never be the same!
The transition from the drawing board to the finished product has never been so easy. Bezarc - a revolutionary graphics translator that converts line art from Adobe Illustrator into smooth arcs, that can be saved as DXF, DDES2 or CFF2 format.

Bezarc offers a choice of curve fitting algorithms, and features user-settable conformance parameters. Arcs generated by Bezarc will conform as closely as desired to the original artwork. Bezarc gives users the choice of Polylines with bulge factors or strictly arcs and lines for DXF. Bezarc pre-formats output files for use on MS-DOS or Windows, Unix or Macintosh operating systems.

Target System Dialog
The "Target System" Dialog

Industrial Strength Curve Fitting
Match arcs to Bezier curves to any degree of tolerance. Choose the algorithm and tolerance that matches your job.

Multiple Output Formats
Save your Illustrator work in the format that's right for you. Under user control, DXF output can be detailed for a variety of applications and systems. DDES2 and CFF2 output is designed for Diecutting and Diemaking.

Data Reduction
Bezarc's suite of curve fitting algorithms include options to reduce the size of its output files, save disk space, reduce transmission time and streamline the production process.

Detailed Information
Bezarc can give detailed information about how many paths or arcs, lines and circles will be generated even before the file has been saved, giving users the ability to adjust program parameters to achieve the optimum balance between curve fitting and data reduction.

Count Window
The "Count" Window

Generating DXF
Three options for generating DXF files are available:

DXF Options Dialog
The "DXF Options" Dialog

* Polylines with Bulge factors
Continuous paths are maintained, i.e.: a continuous path in the input file, regardless of the number of control points, will produce a single polyline in the DXF output.

* Arcs & Lines
All input will be translated into either an ARC or a LINE object in DXF. This option offers the highest level of compatibility with existing computer controlled diecutting machinery.

* Arcs & Lines & Circles
This option is the same as "Arcs & Lines", except that Bezarc will attempt to "weld" arcs together. This method should be used in conjunction with the "Weld Arcs" option. When the welding process produces a full circle, Bezarc will place a CIRCLE object in the DXF file. This results in significant data reduction in files that have a lot of circles. Some systems that read DXF do not read the CIRCLE command. If you are using such a system, one of the other 2 methods should be used.

Bezarc does all of its internal calculations using 16-digit accuracy for the ultimate in precision. Files can be saved with all 16 or as few as 2 digits after the decimal point. This data reduction option gives users the power to balance precision against file size.

Say good-bye to Pause & Burn
Computer controlled laser cutters will no longer pause at those annoying short straight line segments produced by other inferior file conversions when they break up the sinuous Adobe Illustrator curves into polylines.

Generating Arcs
There are four methods for generating arcs from Bezier curves:

  • Curvature
  • Path
  • Length
  • Radius

Method & Tolerance Dialog
The "Method & Tolerance" Dialog

Features / Options

For each of the 4 arc generating methods, a tolerance value can be set that corresponds to the arc method selected.

Weld Arcs
When artwork is created in programs such as Illustrator or Freehand, circular arcs of more that 90 degrees are represented by 2 or more Bezier curves. Four curves are required to make a full circle. The Weld Arcs feature can significantly reduce the amount of data output from Bezarc by joining such arcs into a single entity.

A measurement grid will help users determine how well an arc approximates a curve when examining graphics on screen. The grid lines are marked with actual coordinate values for normal or modestly enlarged views. For views that are more than modestly enlarged, a message in the lower feedback strip will tell you how far apart the grid lines are. Coordinate values are available in inches, or millimeters.

Measurement Units

Units Dialog
The "Units" Dialog

Select the measurement unit that's right for your situation. Bezarc will save your DXF files in inches, centimeters or millimeters. Since the DDES2 format does not support centimeters, Bezarc will automatically substitute millimeters in the output file when centimeters is selected.

Get the information needed to complete the job right the first time. Bezarc can give detailed information about how many paths or arcs, lines and circles will be generated in the output file. Screen feedback shows the original drawing on a verification grid with arc output overlaid over the original spline control points and associated arc points or joints.


For this example we have opened an Adobe Illustrator(tm) file with 2 simple Bezier curves connected to produce 1 smooth curve. Bezarc displays the Bezier curves in the file with Black lines.

After reading in an Illustrator file, Bezarc can display the points along the original curve where it will divide the Bezier curve into Arcs.

There are two types of points Bezarc displays, the (green diamond) points are where Bezarc has calculated the Arc points should be positioned to represent the original Bezier.

Bezarc must place an Arc point where an original Bezier control point is positioned. These points are represented with a (green diamond and circle) point.

Bezarc displays the Arcs it will produce with Green lines laid over-top of the Black lines.

As you can see, Bezarc has calculated that this Adobe curve which originally consisted of 2 Beziers connected at the center, will be represented in DXF/DDES2 as 7 Arcs (with the current program tolerances).

The number of Arcs can be increased or decreased by adjusting the Tolerance or Method of calculation.

The DXF files created by Bezarc are guaranteed compatible with all versions of AutoCAD as well as other CAD applications that support the DXF standard. The DDES2 files that Bezarc writes are in version IT8.6 and will integrate beautifully into your machining & cutting operations.

If you would like to experience Bezarc for yourself, there are DEMO versions available.

Already in worldwide release Bezarc has received fantastic feedback, so be sure and place your order today!

Bezarc Specifications

  • Runs under any 32-bit Windows operating system
  • Features 16 digit accuracy for all calculations
  • Line Terminator option can be used to allow easy transfer of translated files to other Operating Systems
  • Weld Arcs option for data-reduction
  • Comes with 60 days free Technical Support and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (At participating locations)

Part # Description Retail Cost

10005 Bezarc® 3.0 Windows $459.00

Upgrade from v.1.2


Upgrade from v.1.0



Download the DEMO version of Bezarc now!

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