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  DXF Export v.2 For Adobe Illustrator® v.8 or 9 Windows

Something that is normally not seen on the Illustrator v.8 Export menu is DXF.... Our DXF Export Plug-In enhances your copy of Adobe Illustrator Version 8 or 9 by adding the ability to export your artwork directly into an AutoCAD R 9 through 2000 DXF file.

A couple of options is all takes to export your Illustrator files into DXF so that you can share your designs with AutoCAD (or compatible) users. The DXF Export Plug-In lets you create DXF files easily and accurately. With its easy to use interface, you'll be creating DXF files within moments of installing the Plug-In.

Set the file version, choose a file type, set the measurement units appropriate for your art and a couple of other options about Splines, Fills, Lines and Color and you are one click away from an editable DXF file that AutoCAD users can import as well as any other CAD application that supports the DXF version 9 to 2000 standards.

DXF Export Dialog DXF files can be exported for any of the following AutoCAD releases: R 2000, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 or 9.

The DXF files that you export can be formatted for the Macintosh, MS-DOS / Windows or UNIX operating systems, so that the DXF files need no further conversion in order to be compatible to the operating systems you are creating them for.

Bezier curves can be maintained as true b-splines or they can be segmented into a polyline during the DXF export process. The DXF Export Plug-In gives you one choice to Keep splines and 3 different segmentation methods: Offset, Max. Bend and Number of Segments.

Three options for exporting Fills from Illustrator to DXF make creating the best file very easy. You can choose to Keep, Discard or Outline Fills in the exported DXF file. The Outline method will transfer the objects Fill attributes to the Stroke in the exported DXF file. Note that if you choose to Keep solid Fills you will need AutoCAD 14 (or higher) to read the files, otherwise a version 9 DXF file will be created which can be opened by most CAD systems. Choose 'Export...'

Solid Fills can be maintained as a filled areas or they can be Outlined/Discarded during the DXF export process. The DXF Export Plug-In gives you 3 different Fill Handling methods: Keep, Outline and Discard. When using the Outline method, objects that have a solid fill but no stroke will be stroked using the original fill color.

Export files can be scaled to any ratio giving you the flexibility to design at any scale. If you want to design a floorplan where 1 inch equals 1 foot and you have to export a DXF file that is actual size, simply increase the Scale preference to a 12:1 ratio.

You can also choose to discard all color in the exported DXF file. In Illustrator, an object with a Stroke width of Zero is invisible. In AutoCAD, lines of Zero thickness means use the thinnest line possible but the line is not invisible. The discard line weights option produces line thicknesses of 0 (Zero) weight in the exported AutoCAD DXF file no matter what Stroke weights you are using in your Illustrator designs.

From Illustrator, you can export objects that have Fill attributes, Stroke attributes or Fill and Stroke attributes combined. This example even uses several compound paths.
In AutoCAD, the Filled objects, Stroked objects and Filled and Stroked objects will be be maintained. If you choose to Keep solid Fills you will need AutoCAD 14 (or higher) to read the files.

Features / Options

  • Supports multiple operating systems.
  • Supports multiple measurement units.
  • Supports Spline curves or 3 different segmentation methods.
  • Comes with 60 days free Technical Support

Supported Art

  • Open and Closed paths and plain Points
  • Solid Fills
  • Compound Paths
  • Splines
  • Colors
  • Text (Minimally)
  • Line Dashing
  • Layers
  • Some Plug-In Art

Unsupported Art

  • Fill Gradients
  • Fill Patterns
  • Gradient Meshes
  • Masks
  • Some Plug-In Art
  • Bitmaps

System Requirements

  • Any 32-bit Windows Operating System
  • Adobe Illustrator® v.8 or v.9 for Windows


If you are looking for the Mac OS version
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Part # Description Retail Cost

11000 DXF Export Plug-In v.2 for Adobe Illustrator® v.8 or v.9 Windows $99.00

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